Susan Dunstan

Wondering how I got started?

Well, I didn’t start out thinking… today I’m going to open an entertainment company. As you may know if you’ve taken a peak around my site, I perform in Broadway Musicals and sing at large concerts for a living. Because I work at such a high level of performing, I have access to some of Canada’s top music professionals in our field, who also happen to be my friends. They play regularly at The Toronto Symphony, The National Ballet, The Stratford and Shaw Festivals, the top Toronto Jazz Circuit, and in the orchestras for many of the top Broadway shows.

My high school friends are business folks, teachers, lawyers, and accountants among other things.  I’m the only one in my old circle of friends in the arts. When girlfriends of mine, outside of the music business started to get married, they basically ‘forced’ me to take care of music. I sing for a living, so I must know how to plan music for cocktail parties, wedding ceremonies, engagement parties and private events ect! Ha! I didn’t really know where to start so I turned to my musician friends at work. I organized all the details, and when we played at the actual event, the room would be all a buzz and all the guests would constantly be commenting on the caliber of the music.  Of course, I would think, they are the best in the country! Back then, I didn’t know that this level of musicianship and the quality of the product my friends and I produced was not common to the ‘Wedding or Corporate Events Industry’ 

The largest part of my business comes from word of mouth.  People attend events we play at, and I get calls and referrals based on people who loved the music and who just weren’t expecting such a high degree of musical excellence at a non ticketed private event. 

And it just grew from there. I’ve been running this Live Music Company for the past 10 years. I am used to providing top notch results from my Broadway Career. You pay $100 for your ticket and you expect to get your money’s worth.  

You won’t be disappointed at your own event either. We are known for providing extraordinarily high quality music for the most exclusive evenst, private functions and major shows in Canada and the USA.

My planning sessions are fun and informal. My musicians are professional, look smart, they’re on time and fabulous! I’m also happy to say, that many of my clients I now call my friends. Well, even if you don’t want to be friends… you’ll still have amazing music!!!

Send me an email with your event details… and we’ll start planning!

I’m glad you found me and we’re getting a chance to connect.